Now, more than ever I need yoga

I have strayed for the past three days, I can not come to face myself on the mat. My mind has been all over the place and nowhere at the same time - I escaped to a book, but it is now over and has left me feeling emptier than before. I feel like my walls are closing in and no matter what I feel trapped in this vast space. I need nature, I need adventure, I need to find myself and tell me everything is going to be okay. I’ve been having violent headaches for the past week, and there’s no one I can talk to - my girlfriend doesn’t understand English, so trying to explain myself in Spanish is like invoking a dead language. Besides, I don’t want to talk , I want to be held and caressed and just made feel safe. 


I have no idea why I never uploaded this.Myself and Angel will be getting back into our Hers & Hisproject, I think this year it will be a little slower than lastyear as after the summer I'll be working on my Thesis, EK!BUT we have a few trips planned during the holidays, sokeep your eyes peeled :)Hers & His - Elizabeth Rose Thompson

Running reminds me to soak in the beauty of nature

yassss can’t wait for this

Life is balance - mind, body and spirit. Do what serves your balance in a positive way and be kind to all three components. 🌀
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"May I act as the mighty earth
Or like the free and open skies
To support and provide the space
Whereby I and all others may grow.” (via lazyyogi)
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My goodness. <3

Thinking of a master plan. Maybe.